Lentils Set Record: $1.5 Billion Gross Receipts

We all had high expectations for the 2015/2016 lentils to produce a good
crop, especially as we entered the spring with great soil moisture. Most farm
land was saturated well below the 4 foot level, so all we needed was a couple
good rains in the spring to set up a bumper crop. But, the rain never came.
On our farm, we only received 5 mm of rain from April, May and June. Our
first rain came on Canada Day! Lentils are drought resistant but damage
was done and the yield expectations were adjusted from normal to below
normal yields. The chart below shows the impact the drought had on lentils
as production estimates had to be lowered by Stats Canada by 189,000
MT. World demand needed Canada to produce at least an average crop as
ending stocks last year were very tight…

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