About Simpson Farms Joint Venture

Simpson Farms is a 4th generation family Pedigree seed farm operating in the Moose Jaw area since 1978 and today grows pedigree durum, wheat, lentils, peas, chick peas, flax and canary. Simpson Farms is a related company to Simpson Seeds Inc. and has created a synergy that allows the farm to market all of their pedigree seed to local producers, and commercial grain to countries all around the world. Over the years we have established many relationships with breeders and seed companies like Secan, Canterra, FP Genetics, and the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre. These relationships help Simpson Farms seek out the new seed varieties for seed production, and also gives us a source for agronomic information that we can apply to our cropping strategies.

  • Integrity – we do as we say
  • Progressiveness – continual improvement
  • Excellence – high standards of execution
  • Teamwork – we work well with all stakeholders
  • Family – we respect, protect, nurture and encourage and draw strength from all family relationships

To nurture the land to provide a farming legacy for future generations

  • Leave the farm in better shape than we got it
  • Maintain/provide a farming legacy for future generations
  • Protect and nurture the land
  • Provide children with a means & lifestyle
  • Grow crops to maximum potential of land
  • Keep Simpson name on land in Saskatchewan
  • Give producers access to top growing/preference varieties
  • Grow top performing varieties to best of ability
  • Create long-lasting profitable farm operation by innovation, diversification and growth
  • Strive to be the best
  • Grow quality seed for Canadian farmers
  • Nourish the world

To nurture the land to provide a farming legacy for future generations

    Simpson Farms has been producing high quality certified seed since 1978 and are continuing to do so today. Being certified seed growers, we have had to adapt to a higher standard of grain production. This includes; CSGA field inspections, machinery inspections, and complying with all regulations surrounding the production and sales of pedigree, and commercial products.

    Simpson Farms uses proven technology for seeding, spraying and harvest operations. Being pedigree seed growers allows us to have the leading edge varieties year after year. Using these seed and cropping technologies allows SFJV to grow the top varieties for pedigree and commercial production. All this giving Simpson Farms higher yields, better grades and helping us achieve more profit per acre, but most importantly helping us to nature the land to provide a farming legacy for future generations.

Simpson Farms Partnership Program

Simpson Farms is looking to partner up with producers and land owners to produce more quality seed products. The partnership program consists of a few different options to help you to find the one that suits your farm best.

Simpson Farms feels that trust and accuracy are some of the most important factors when it comes to building a partnership with producers and land owners.

Simpson Seeds and Simpson Farms have been built on some key core values. One being “integrity” meaning “we do what we say”. This has helped us instil trust with our customers and has ultimately contributed to what Simpson Seeds and Simpson Farms is today.

Accuracy is something that has been a big part of our success with our current partnerships. Using field scales that are calibrated daily allows us to track every pound of grain that leaves the field. For the 2014 crop year Simpson Farms will also be launching an online login for our partners that will give them 24/7 access to all the data collected from the fields. This includes, crop yields, crop quality, and will also give you updates on what portion of your grain has been marketed, and what price.

Partnership Options

25% Crop Share:The landlord/producer receive 25% of the crop produced on any land leased in his name. SFJV can market the grain, or the landlord can choose to market his own.
33% Crop Share with input contribution: This option allows producer/landlords to participate in expenses including; fertilizer, seed, chemical and crop insurance. The land owner receives 33% of the grain produced. SFJV can market the grain, or the landlord can choose to market his own.