CDC SB-3 CL (Iberina™)Small Spanish Brown LentilExclusive to Simpson Seeds. Yield similar to Maxim. Brown seed coat, very early maturing.
CDC GreenstarLarge Green LentilThis variety continues to out perform all other large green varieties by a significant margin. Largest seed size in it’s class and good disease resistance.
CDC MarbleFrench Green LentilOne of the highest yielding lentils. 107% to Maxim for yield increase. Size smaller that Peridot.
CDC Proclaim CLSmall Red LentilSimilar height and seed size to maxim. Yield 108% in 2013 regional trials.
CDC KermitSmall Green LentilThis variety is showing big gains in all major quality classes.
Great colour retention, larger yield 206% to Maxim 114% to Viceroy. Better lodging than CDC Viceroy.
CDC ImpulseSmall Red LentilLarge seed size for reds. Larger yielding than Maxim.
CDC REDMOONSmall Red LentilHighest yielding red lentil, seed size similar to maxim.
Indian HeadSmall Black LentilVery good disease resistance, black seed coat, yellow cotyledon.

CDC NeelaBrown FlaxYield up 104% from sorrel and bethune at 100%.
Excellent quality. Significantly greater TKW, linoleic acid content and oil yield.

CDC CALVITop yielding hairless variety. A little taller than cantate.

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